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copper silver ionisationImprove facility compliance with International best practices by implementing the patented AquaLyse® “chemical free” copper-silver ion generator technology in 100% of your facility’s incoming domestic water supply lines and/or reservoirs.

AquaLyse® Patented Copper Silver Ionisation Generators for Facility Potable Water Treatment.

Ideal for Legionella Prevention or Remediation, AquaLyse® Copper Silver Ionisation Generators are specifically engineered to be installed in: hotels, resorts, hospitals, condominiums, villas, nursing homes, healthcare type facilities ,office buildings, cruise ships and other large facilities with domestic "utility" water distribution systems.


AquaLyse® lowers the exposure risks associated with waterborne microorganisms such as: Legionella.pneumophila (cause of Legionnaires' disease), Anthrax, Listeria, E.coli, Salmonella, M. Avium, Staphylococcus, Pseudomonas, Algae and many more.

copper silver ionisationAquaLyse® ion generators help engineers comply with:
• The control of Legionella bacteria in water systems HSC approved Code of practice and Guidance L8, (1)
• Minimizing the risk of Legionnaires disease Technical Memoranda TM13 (2) and
• The Control of Legionellosis Including Legionnaires' Disease Health and Safety Series Booklet. (3)

With 46 models to chose from, the AquaLyse® water treatment technology is the most sophisticated, reliable and affordable secondary water treatment technology on the market today!

Legionella Prevention Code References:
1- (London: Health and Safety Executive/The stationery Office)
2- (London Chartered Institution of Building Services Engineers) (2002)
3- The Health and Safety Executive. (HS(G)70). HSE. ISBN 0 11 8821504.

"Copper Silver Ionisation Legionella Prevention Technology"
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